Snitch / Mind Funeral Split

by Snitch

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released July 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Snitch Palmdale, California

Grindviolence from Palmdale, CA

Lead Vox: Julian

Bass/Vox: Jake

Guitar/Vox: Donnie

Drums: Andres

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Track Name: Sherman Dudley Fought Off A Shark And Won
Jke: Terrorize my neighbors with the heavy bass
Ju: Keep the suckas in fear by the look on my face, L.L. Cool J is the man
Jke: I'm sorry about your parrot i'll replace it if i can
Ju: Fuckers why'd you do this to me
Jke: First you chew me up then take my bird away
Don: Deepest bluest my hat is like a sharks fin
Track Name: Plan B
Ju:All my thoughts
Jke:Make escape
Don:Leave my mark
Ju:On a slate

Ju:This is
Jke:Which means

Ju: I fell back onto plan b
Track Name: Greater Distance
Jke:Keep from me
I'll be okay
Ju:While you're batting an eye I'll make escape

Ju:Teach yourself
Or get out
Jke:This is
My falling out

Don:Coming close, think your slick, acting like a hypocrite jke:tell me how to live my life ju:you bring around your fucking vice
Track Name: Melancholy
Ju: Self loathing, visage rot, I cling tight destroy my life
Jke: Sorrow fueled, depressive state
Don: I can't seem to make escape

Ju: Melancholy
Despair, gloom
Don: Desolate, qualms

Ju: Utter pride, an abhorrent life
Jke: Dreadful eyes tell the other side
Ju: Heinous fuel, close to death, empty words, empty head
Track Name: Breadstick Beatdown
Ju: Buying headphones at the store
Don: Pissing off all jakes neighbors
Jke: Pack a load or two in brooks (rip)
Ju: Sus as fuck we look like crooks
Don: Where did andres go last night
Jke: Bust his ass for overtime
Ju: He's my plumpy pancake boy
Jke: Lookin saucy in that uniform

Don: Erik is
Ju: Proud of his
Jke: Crops
Track Name: Hivemind
Ju: Massive hivemind, fueled by mankind
Jke: Herded like blind sheep, existence is grief

Jke: Can you feel the world decay
Ju: Bringing out your inner rage
Jke: Life is over, born anew
Ju: Time to burst from this cacoon
Scenes are clear, eyes are open
soaked in sorrow, life is hopeless
all the world is drowned in darkness
bleak, contorted thoughts absorb this.